Welcome to the Chagstock Village Green ~ The Family and Kids Area at Chagstock Festival

Chagstock Green has many activities to keep kids busy and safe during the festival. The Chagstock Team have only invited activity organisers and vendors who are known to be of the best and most reliable nature.
They will endeavour to make sure that all children have a great time, allowing their respective adults to have a brilliant and worry-free festival.

We also have support for any adult who misplaces their child and any child that is ‘lost’ ~ All youngsters will have wristbands on which you can put your contact number, so all the associated adult has to do is keep their mobile switched on.

So far we can confirm the following:

Swing Boats & little train


The Magic Bus

Showman wagons

Games for everyone

Devon Air Ambulance Trust incorporating Kids Lost & Found

….with more to be added